Thank you Uintah volunteers for making Fun Run a safe, fun event for every student! You are awesome!

 We've raised $5656 so far! Thank you! But - we need over $10,000 to meet our goal to provide extra opportunities for every class, so please donate today.

This year's fundraising goal is $16,000, and we hope each family can donate $40 per child. We encourage your child to also reach out to family and friends to help reach our goal and improve our school's opportunities. This fundraiser will run until Oct 16 - if we reach our goal, we will celebrate with a school-wide popsicle party!

This year, we hope to raise enough money for:
  • Each grade to have additional field trips and activities
  • Additional mental health supports for our school
  • Science Lab materials and experiments
What else does PTA funding support?
  • Teacher Appreciation throughout the year
  • Cherished school events like Fun Run, Fall Festival, Science Fest, Field Day, and 6th grade graduation and festivities
  • Support for programs such as Uintah Goes East, Health and Safety, the Aquarium, and Art education.

Uintah gear sales also support our fundraiser, and let you show your Uintah pride in style!
We're excited to offer a wide variety of styles and options this year:

Uintah PTA Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 2 8:30-9:30 am

Learn what's happening at Uintah and how to be involved. See you there!

Uintah PTA is moving to MemberHub!
Signup information is available at the school or from your child's teacher.
Email [email protected] to learn more!

What is MemberHub?
-Our new online school directory. Simpler to use than A to Z connect, easy to search, and free for Uintah. You can choose how much, if any, of your information is shown. It is exclusive to Uintah families.
-Interest-specific hubs. Join hubs for your child's class and for interests like Science, Art or more. Only get messages about things that interest you.
-Events calendar. Find out all the latest on what's happening at Uintah, or in your child's class.
-Signups. Easy way to get involved
-Online Store. PTA memberships, fundraisers, T-shirts and more!

Go Unicorns!

email: [email protected] for questions or to volunteer. Thank You!