A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers who helped make Fun Run safe and fun!

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Uintah Goes East will be happening again this December. If you want to be involved in organizing this giving drive to support local families in need, please email UintahUnicornsPTA@gmail.com

When you donate to Uintah PTA, you help create a world of fun!

Thanks to your generosity we're more than half way to our goal, but we need to work fast to get to $10,000! We count on your donations for everything from Teacher Appreciation to Field Day. If we beat our goal, additional funds will go to classrooms and the Science Lab. Thank you!
Please also remember to contribute to the Salt Lake Education Fund, to help provide field trips and more for your child's class. Talk to your child's teacher about how they'll be using this money for their class. Go to https://give.saltlakeeducationfoundation.org/uintah-donation or, for your donation to be processed quickly, please write a check and deliver it to the office. Thank you!

Please sign up for our new online directory. This is free, secure, and only accessible by Uintah families, faculty and staff. This is a great way to meet new friends, set up playdates and birthday parties, join the PTA, sign up for PTA mailing lists and volunteer opportunities, and more. Thanks!
The free AtoZ Connect app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.
Because of privacy laws, your info will not be in the directory unless you sign up here.

Wait, where's the T-shirt sales? This year, if we can make our fall fundraising goal of $10,000, every child will get a t-shirt! When every child has a Uintah shirt, they can wear them on Field Trips, at Fun Run, and any other day to show their school spirit. If you would like to help offset the cost, please click here. If you can't wait to get your hands on some Uintah gear, check out our clearance section! Thank you!

Go Unicorns!

email: UintahUnicornsPTA@Gmail.com for questions or to volunteer. Thank You!